Griff X Stinson Breads - The Bread Bag (Preorder)

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Product Description

The Bread Bag is available for preorder until June 26th, and will arrive mid to late July. By purchasing The Bread Bag during presale you are helping push small-batch and sustainable production, reducing the amount of waste that would normally occur in a factory.
Anna Claire and Matthew Stinson have been baking for the Opelika & Auburn area since October of 2019. They bake simple, high quality sourdough and strive to establish a local bread culture. Known around town as "the bread people," building community through their craft is their focus and passion. That's why they've partnered with Griff to create The Bread Bag. 
The Griff X Stinson Bread Bag is made in-house at Griff from a sustainably sourced sturdy cotton/linen blend. It can fit up to two sourdough loaves and features two holding options: 1) by the straps at the top, and 2) by rolling the bag down and tying a knot at the top.
It's the perfect bag for picking up and storing your weekly bread, going on a picnic, shopping downtown, and carrying your belongings. 
Made in Opelika, Alabama
Care: Machine wash cold, line dry

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